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Selecting an employee for the company

We provide a personality analysis of the potential employee, identifying the strengths, weaknesses and compatibility of the applicant for the position in the company. Selecting the right employee is an important process. It is the right team that determines the correct distribution of responsibilities and, as a result, the overall efficiency of the entire company. Depending on the horoscope of the employee, the position should also be chosen. The right combination of zodiac signs [...]

Выбор сотрудника для компании
Элективная астрология

Elective astrology

Help in choosing successful dates for different events: Weddings, starting a business, having a surgery, conceiving a child, etc. Today, elective astrology is a major tool for creating a successful future. It is elective astrology that deals with determining the best date and time of day to take any action. This can be as much as the date of a new job or determining the best date and [...]

Childbirth probability counselling

Counselling on the probability of having children, probable time of birth. Consideration of problems with conception and childbirth. The horoscope of conception is a great way to prepare for the creation of a family from an astrological point of view. It is the horoscope of when to have a baby that shows when a man and a woman have the opportunity to continue having a child. In addition to calculating the most auspicious dates for conception, so [...]

Консультация по вероятности рождения детей
Общая консультация на тему личной жизни

General counselling on personal life

This counselling is aimed at finding a "other half" or a detailed analysis of the relationship with an existing partner. An analysis of the love factors of the horoscope, identifying the causes of relationship failures and overcoming them. The counselling will also describe the type of partner (man or woman) suitable for you for marriage. Determination of the probability of marriage in the next 5 years. Today, a consultation with an astrologer is the most effective tool for [...]

Horary Astrology

Counselling on any issue. An answer to any of your specific questions.An astrologer will give an answer to the development of the situation in the near future on a given issue. Choral astrology is a branch of astrology, the main task of which is to find answers to clearly formulated questions. According to research, choral astrology is one of the oldest teachings about the constellations, which is based on the principles of predestination of destiny [...]

Хорарная Астрология
астрологический прогноз на 1 год вперед

Personalised astrological forecast for 1 year ahead

Detailed individual astrological forecast for 1 year in all areas (work, family, personal life, health, major moves) - description of general trends of the coming year, probable significant events.

Individual general consultation with an astrologer

A complete review of your natal chart in all areas - work, personal life, marriage, children, health, etc. An analysis of your current life situation, possible methods of solving problems and a forecast of major events for 2-3 years ahead. Today, qualified astrological forecasts are the most effective mechanism for controlling one's own destiny. Since ancient times, astrology, as a science, has been a teaching [...]

Индивидуальная общая консультация астролога
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