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Натальная астрология

Natal astrology

We are all born at a certain time, in a certain environment, country, family, it is something we cannot influence, it is the choice of our soul. At the moment of our birth, the planets are in certain positions and signs, and this is the key. 

An astrologer is precisely the guide who will decipher and translate the language of the stars into a language that people can understand. Your natal chart or horoscope is your compass for life. Deciphering your horoscope, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, it is much easier for a person to make right choices and move forward, or to accept what is not easy to correct, and the fate will definitely give a chance!

After all, the stars know how to surprise :)

Solar astrology

Solar astrology (individual horoscope 1-2 years ahead). Our solar year is the year from your birthday to your birthday. If you were born, for example, on 15.03.1990, your solar year (eg. the year 2023) should be read from 15.03.23 to 15.03.2024. 

A solar horoscope is able to reveal the major events of the year that can occur in a person's life, show what you should pay attention to, what changes the year can bring and what areas of life will be involved.  
Very important events in one's life can often be seen in the solar charts. But as they say, forewarned is forearmed :)

Солярная астрология
Хорарная астрология

Horary astrology

Ask your question and get an accurate answer.

Horary astrology is one of the most interesting branches of astrology. Horary astrology answers questions of any kind in any area of life.

For example:

- Will a lost item be found?

- Will I sell my flat?

- How will the surgery go?

- Will the business be successful?

- Will I soon find a soulmate?

- Will my husband return?

- Astrological forecast for the month, year.

The list could go on for a very long time as horary astrology answers all questions. The questioner's job is to record the exact time and place of the question. For example: Will a lost item be found? London, 23.01.2023, 13.00

Such questions usually arise for a reason, and often the choral questions are intertwined with the questioner's birth chart. An astrologer is able to answer any questions that are important to you.

Famous masters of classical astrology like William Lilly and others have even used horary questions to predict what has happened to the missing person. This technique is also available to astrologers of the modern world.

Compatibility astrology

How often do we hear the expression:

- "Our biochemistry is good or this person is a good influence on me or I feel this personality pressures me, etc."

 - "Why is it that we can enjoy communicating with some people or even fall in love, but with others we have very different, sometimes negative feelings?"


In the world of psychology we would be told that you gravitate towards the psychotype that suits you and avoid the one that affects you badly.

In astrology they would say you have a good or bad synastry, i.e. compatibility, and sometimes "no compatibility" when we don't notice the person at all.

A compatibility chart can be drawn in love and business alliances and with colleagues and even with the workforce. It turns out that the planets that describe us and our aspects of life can be in harmony with the planets of other people, and in contrast, and may not "catch" each other in any way. An experienced compatibility chart astrologer can tell you about the intricacies of the relationship between 2 people and give you recommendations.

Астрология совместимости


Symbolon is an astrological card deck that was created by the German psychotherapist Peter Orban to work with clients on various psychological issues. But later the deck established itself as an oracle and was used not only by psychologists, but also by astrologers, tarot readers and esotericists.

Based on astrological archetypes, the deck will answer any questions, help you sort out the most difficult situations, give you advice and teach you how to listen to yourself and your true desires.

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