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About me

Iryna Giblett

A professional astrologer in the field of traditional astrology.

Hello, my name is Iryna. I am a microbiologist by education, but life has put everything in its place and I only had to work in medicine for a year, and then I had to go into business. In my younger years I was far from astrology, but I was always sure that nothing in life just happens. I was always interested in the theme of the universe, but nowhere could I find answers to the questions that interested me: why, for example, one person has no special problems in a relationship, while another cannot find a soul mate, or why, for example, someone easily finds his path, his business, while another cannot make up his mind for a long time.


Of course, you can say, we create our own life and it is our choice, but not always this is the case, sometimes circumstances, or you want, fate intervenes in our lives. I first encountered astrology in 2006, when my future husband brought me a funny book from Switzerland, "The Compatibility Map".

Карты Таро

The book was made by a Swiss astrologer for us personally and it talked about our compatibility for married life. After reading it, I found a lot of information that really corresponded to reality. After that, my interest increased even more.


It was a turning point to learn about ancient traditional astrology, of which Claudius Ptolemy was one of the founders, and until today, traditional astrologers rely on the work of this great astrologer. I had long doubted the veracity of prognostication and predictions in various fields until I was personally convinced that astrology is indeed a powerful predictive tool and events of the past can also be seen.


Unbelievable, but I could see periods of important events in the charts of friends, relatives and acquaintances and tell them about the possible event and what was my surprise when it worked. Then I started to analyse past events from different natal charts and check myself, for example I could see a period of marriage or the birth of a child or a move, unbelievable but my assumptions were confirmed.


After my research I realized that planets definitely determine our life and if you are born a bird, you will never become a fish 🙂 But not everything is as fatal as many understand, there is a corridor of fate where one can vary.


Remember the experiment in quantum mechanics? The experimenter influences the outcome of the experiment! Therefore, dear visitor, your reactions to events in your life are in your hands and sometimes one and the same lesson can be passed with the least losses and defeats. I wish everyone to find their way and achieve harmony in life!

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