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Horary Astrology

Counselling on any issue. An answer to any of your specific questions.An astrologer will give an answer to the development of the situation in the near future on a given issue.

Horary astrology is a branch of astrology, the main task of which is to find answers to clearly formulated questions.

According to research, Horary Astrology is one of the oldest schools of thought about the constellations, which is based on the principles of predestination of fate with the possibility of obtaining an accurate answer to the question posed.

A feature of horary astrology is the ability to determine the future based on the exact time and place of the question. Horoscopes that are calculated in this type of astrology are called chorara charts, and the person who asks the question is the querent. The subject of the question on which the horary is based is the querent. The question of interest is asked once and detailed, and then the determination of a credible answer begins.

In order to get an accurate answer to the question posed, the following rules should be observed:

  • Clarity and clarity of question;

A horary question should not be frivolous. The right question should be concise, specific and important to the person.

  • A question about the specific outcome of a decision or action;

  • The question should be about the immediate future;

  • The question should relate to a specific problem;

Do not ask general or "vague" questions.

Questions related to the querent;

The right questions should relate exclusively to the person who is asking them. These may be personal, business or important matters.

  • Questions with a further possibility of influence by the querent;

Those cases and issues on which the querent may have an impact should be discussed.

  • Questions relating to locating a missing person or lost item.

  • The question should be written down verbatim;

  • A valid question should include a time limit, to avoid confusion in obtaining an answer.

  • The question should not be changed after approval and start of astrological analysis.

In horary astrology, there are questions that are not dealt with by astrological indicators. These may be questions that are asked too early, or they may be incorrectly worded. In such a case, the astrologer will tell the querent that there is a non-radical chart, i.e. an unanswered chart. If the question was relevant and correctly worded, then chorale astrology will reveal the future to the querent. Determining the future, according to the methods of chorale astrology, is a complex process. That is why you should only get answers to your horary questions with the help of an experienced astrologer.

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Trust better and enjoy a happy and known future.


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