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Individual general consultation with an astrologer

A complete review of your natal chart in all areas - work, personal life, marriage, children, health, etc. An analysis of your current life situation, possible methods of solving problems and a forecast of major events for 2-3 years ahead.

Today, qualified astrological forecasts are the most effective mechanism for managing your destiny.

Since ancient times, astrology as a science has been a study of the stars with the ability to predict and model the future. Thanks to astrological predictions, not only were countries successfully ruled and military conflicts avoided, but also children were given the right names and strong families were created. Astrological consultations remain at the peak of popularity in the modern world. A general astrological consultation is a comprehensive analysis of a person's time and date of birth, the main task of which is the astrological direction in shaping a happy destiny. Through a personal astrological consultation, it is easy to not only find answers to all questions, but also to solve any problems. It can be as material or love difficulties, as well as the prevention of various diseases. In addition, it is with the help of astrologer's consultation that one realizes one's true mission in life. As a result, the path of self-realization becomes easy, and difficulties are easily overcome.

The main benefits of a qualified astrologer's consultation are

  • Detailed analysis of the personality, according to date and time of birth;

  • Predicting and modelling the future;

  • Identification of hidden talents and opportunities;

  • Determining the optimum professional direction;

  • Removal of internal blocks that hinder internal development;

  • Recommendations for personal life arrangement.

The main task of a professional astrologer is to point out the strengths and weaknesses in a person's character with the possibility of further influencing the formation of a successful future. It is through a timely astrological prognosis that the most successful developments are achieved and negative aspects in life are prevented. In addition, a consultation with an astrologer can provide answers to specific questions. It could be either astrological forecast of optimal activities or choosing the best dates for important affairs, or a comprehensive analysis of personal life or health. As a result, timely consultation with an astrologer can successfully build a happy and harmonious life. A qualified astrologer's consultation provides guidance in the following areas:

  • Health status and prognosis;

  • Social status and society;

  • Family formation;

  • Relationship with children;

Advice in good parenting as well as discovering a child's talents.

  • Relationships within the family;

  • Building a profitable business;

Private entrepreneurial aptitudes are identified, and the person's optimal role as a "subordinate or manager" is determined.

  • Regulation of the financial sector.

A predisposition to wealth is determined. You can find an experienced astrologer and get a timely consultation just now. All you need to do is contact a qualified astrologer, Irina Giblett. Horoscope by Iryna Giblett is an excellent choice to form an individual and general astrological forecast from an experienced expert.


120 €


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