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Elective astrology

Help in choosing successful dates for different events: Weddings, starting a business, having a surgery, conceiving a child, etc.

Today, elective astrology is a major tool for creating a successful future. It is elective astrology that deals with determining the best date and time of day to take any action. It can be as simple as getting a new job or determining the best date and time for a happy marriage.

The main task of elective astrology, as a branch of ancient doctrine, is not only to determine the lucky date, but also to predict the consequence of that choice. As a result, one can model the best time to conquer career heights in a new job and choose a happy date to form a happy family. Selective Marriage Astrology will minimise the risks of divorce and predict a happy future together.

A major advantage of elective astrology, as part of the ancient teachings, is the ability to determine an auspicious date for any action with 100% accuracy.

The most popular applications of elective astrology are:

  • Determining a date for the wedding;

  • Choosing a date for the divorce;;

  • Choosing a date for the baptism of children;

  • Setting up your own business;

  • Getting or starting a new job;

  • Choosing the right time to apply for a raise;

  • Selling or Buying Property;

  • Trips and events;

  • Commencement of medical treatment or the time of operations.

In order for the prediction to be accurate it is necessary to form the question correctly. For elective prediction, it is not only the nature of the event that is important, but also the exact date on which it is expected to take place. Thus, anyone who has availed the services of elective astrology by Daragan's method can determine auspicious dates for important and fateful events. However, there are limitations in the predictions of elective astrology.

Such limitations are the characteristics of the natal chart, for the person who chooses the auspicious time for the action. In the event that a person cannot become a private entrepreneur according to his natal chart, then choosing the best date to start a business will not work. And vice versa, if the natal chart recommends that one should start his own business, then an elective astrology forecast will bring a long overdue answer to the question.

Making an elective forecast involves the following rules:

  • An exact description of the event of interest;

  • Identification of the date of interest;

  • Optimal combination of elective and natal chart.

The result of creating an elective chart is to receive a "yes" or "no" to taking a particular action in the future.

For an elective astrology prediction to be accurate and professional from an astrological point of view, it should only be entrusted to professionals.

Getting an elective astrology consultation is easy with professional astrologer Irina Giblett.

Irina Giblett will help you choose the best date for important events with 100% astrological accuracy.

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