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Personalised astrological forecast for 1 year ahead

Detailed individual astrological forecast for 1 year in all areas (work, family, personal life, health, major moves) - description of general trends of the coming year, probable significant events.

An astrological prediction for the year is an excellent opportunity not only to predict the future, but also to simulate a happy destiny. Depending on the complexity of the questions that need to be answered, a time cycle should be chosen for the prediction. It can be either a yearly astrological forecast, a weekly astrological forecast or a forecast for several years. One of the most popular predictions is an astrological forecast for one year ahead. One year's astrological forecast is made with detailed analysis of both personal qualities of a person and possible events which will accompany a person in a particular year. As a result, with a professional yearly forecast it is easy to determine upcoming situations and make right decisions beforehand. The main advantages of an individual astrological forecast for one year are:

  • Determination of indicators of the probability of key events in a person's life in a given year;

  • Detailed analysis of general trends of a given year;

  • Comprehensive analysis and forecasting of the financial sphere of life;

  • Identification of business opportunities and predispositions to start a business;

  • Analysis of personal life with the possibility of creating a family;

  • Health and life status;

  • Number of trips;

  • Astrological analysis of career building strategies in a particular year;

  • Identification of good dates for business and decision making;

  • Relocation opportunities;

In the case of a possible move, the best country to live in, the prognosis for the new city, and its impact on one's destiny are determined.

  • The likelihood of selling or buying a property;

The annual astrological forecast is not only the most effective tool in making the right decisions, but also allows you to simulate a happy life. In case you intend to move or sell real estate, the annual astrological forecast determines the dates of a successful transaction, as well as the optimum place of residence and the right job in the new country. As a result with a professional astrological forecast for the year minimizes the risks of bad deals, wrong move or unfortunate date of the marriage. In order for the annual astrological forecast by date of birth to meet all expectations and give a detailed answer to all your questions, its preparation should be entrusted only to an experienced expert.

Professional astrological forecast for the year from professionals in Ukraine is the best choice for a professional astrological forecast for the year according to your date and time of birth. Annual astrological forecast is made personally by Irina and is based on one person's horoscope. In order to get detailed information about making individual forecast for the year you just need to contact the managers of our company. Qualified experts will answer all your questions and advise you on the best date to consult with a specialist. To order the astrological forecast for the year you need only to confirm the application form on our website. We will contact you within an hour to confirm your order and make a professional horoscope for a year ahead. is a detailed, personalized astrological forecast for one year with a quality guarantee.


80 €


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