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What to do if you really want a baby

If you are fully prepared to start a family and have children in it, you should start taking action. Moral readiness is the first step towards realising your plans, but you should also forge yourself informationally. Having read about how to go all the details of the process of conception, nurturance and childbirth, you are already more conscious of the process.

For those who believe in astrology and consider it an important part of life, the birth of a child is yet another reason to turn to this field. The first thing you will be advised by an astrologer is to look at your horoscope for conception 2023 and determine the approximate time when you would like to give birth. A specialist looks at the woman's desired date of delivery and calculates the possibility of its realisation and the result of such an action. If the prognosis is successful, the next steps leading to the birth of the baby are taken.

An important question may be the sex of the child that the family desires, if there is a firm intention to have a boy or a girl, then astrology will help in this case as well. Conception calendar 2023 the sex of the child to be born is selected individually, taking into account the date of birth of the expectant mother and father, their zodiac signs and other things.

The use of such predictions allows:

  • Choose the most favourable date for conception;

  • Decide on the sex of the baby;

  • Choose an approximate date of birth.

All this gives parents a certain confidence and they can prepare the room, buy furniture, clothes and other necessities while waiting for the baby to be born. Of course, even astrological predictions can be inaccurate, as the human body is a complex system and any event or shock can affect the mother and affect the baby by changing the sex or date of birth, or by leaving everything as it is.

You can try to conceive according to the signs of the zodiac if it is important to you that the baby is born under a particular star. It's no secret that every zodiac sign has just one or two couples they are most comfortable with. Every parent wants to understand their baby, no matter how old they are. Mutual understanding, love and respect, is the key to a good family relationship. It is not necessarily the case that if you give birth in the wrong month for your wishes, you will have problems with understanding in the future. Parenting has always been the basis by which you can solve any misunderstandings that arise between child and parent at different times in life, so rely on astrology, but do not get upset if something goes wrong, you can change things for the better.


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