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Natalia Martyasheva. Tarotologist.

If there is no wind, take up the oars.

Latin proverb.

I was brought into the world of esotericism by Irina. At the time we met, we were young, each of us had our own business in the beauty industry (we collaborated) and each of us was going through our own personal relationship crisis. Of course, we were looking for answers to the questions: why is this happening? What will happen next? What to do?

I remember Ira suggesting that we go to the other side of town to guess. Back then, it was rare to find such a person. Mostly it was sweet old ladies laying out playing cards. Here in front of me sat a young woman. On a black tablecloth she was laying out cards in beautiful, oversized patterns, with designs I didn't understand. "I don't see a child for the next two years yet. You have come to find out for your husband, but you will not choose him," said Olga (I still remember her name) in a calm voice. "Nonsense," I thought. She recommended some books to me as a goodbye. Time passed - the predictions came true, the books were read and my mind was turned upside down.

I went to an institute to study practical psychology. Then there was the DEIR school and the study of the Tarot. That's how I came to understand myself, the universe, and learned how to make the right decisions for myself. My life has changed for the better.

We always want to lift the veil on the future and know what awaits us? We ask ourselves the questions: What decision to make? What is the reason and what are the consequences? We want to know more about ourselves and the people around us. It is all possible. Be curious, learn, experiment, explore. The main thing is not to stop. I will help you find the right solutions in all situations!


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