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I came to Symbolon deck and started to study and use it extensively when I have been consulting astrology for several years. I was very impressed and amazed at how in sync for example chorale astrology and Symbolon work and how Symbolon wonderfully reveals the essence of the issues and complements or confirms astrological predictions.

It is now one of my favourite tools in predictive practice and also Symbolon inspired me to create my own deck, it is still in progress and I will introduce you to my deck in the future.

Symbolon is an astrological card deck that was created by a German psychotherapist to work with clients on various psychological issues. But later the deck established itself as an oracle, it began to be used not only psychologists, but also astrologers, tarologists and esotericists.

This is a powerful, accurate tool for self-knowledge, for in-depth analysis of the personality, as well as in predictions. Together with astrology, it is an incredible power :)


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